Our Mission


Animal Life Society advocates being proactive in saving animal’s lives through education, exposure, transparency and disruption. With an emphasis on finding homes for displaced animals. ALS also teaches respect and compassion for all animal life through education on preventing cruelty and neglect to animals across the United States with our primary focus being the Kansas City area.


Our Story

My name is Christina, and my boyfriend "Darren" and I share a sincere passion and love for animals. Ever since I was a little girl growing up in Kansas, it has always been my dream to help save animals and protect the integrity of their natural environment. As the years went by, I always felt like something was missing. The feeling of not doing enough. I’ve always wanted to play an active role in helping, but how was my only question. In late 2014, while reading a Facebook post, about the annual slaughter of dolphins in Taiji Japan, it became ever so clear how horrific animal exploitation really is. So throughout 2015 I continued my research into animal abuse through online research, books and talking to experts in the agriculture industry. It was later in that same year that I watched the documentaries “Cowspiracy” and “Forks Over Knives”, about the environmental and nutritional benefits of a plant based diet. Then finally after watching “Earthlings”, which is another documentary about the violence and horrors of meat and dairy industry, detailing the facts from farm to plate, I made my decision to become vegan. In June 2016 my boyfriend decided to embrace the life change as well, which was all too exciting. And since we both share the same desires in helping animals, one thing led to another and now you can catch us both at local and national events attending training seminars in animal rights, doing marches, protests, disruptions, speak outs and we have even done open rescues for animals in dire situations. We believe that we are all somehow connected and have a greater purpose in life. We want to share with you our message of passion and our genuine love not just for our planet but most importantly our animals as they are truly the innocent victims of our selfish choices. So that’s why we decided to create a nonprofit as our way of playing a part in this uphill battle!

Next Steps

We feel as you do: that no animal deserves to live a life of pain and suffering, deprived of love and companionship of family, only to meet a terrifying and unnecessary death.