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We feel as you do: that no animal deserves to suffer from natural disasters and the pain of being displaced from such emergencies than please donate to us. Thank You!


1)      Monetary donations. We do accept financial contributions. We are a Non-Profit registered here in the state of Kansas and a 501c3 non-profit organization. We are also registered with the Secretary of State and Attorney General as adherence to Kansas law. KSA 17-1759. We recognize while being such an entity that transparency is not only a must but it is paramount. Kscharitycheck.org

2)      Volunteers. We need volunteers all too often to help facilitate animals in getting them to their destinations and also with temporary and permanent rehoming of both domestic animals and livestock. So experience with all types of animals will come in handy. If considering housing any animals, both temporary or permanently, we would need to do some due diligence. We would obviously want to make sure that your intentions are in the best interest of the animals, and we would also we require verification that housing said animal(s) are in adherence to city, county and state laws. We would also need volunteers for additional projects that are coming up so please let us know what you can offer as far as time, tools, farm work, handling of animals etc.

3)      Trailer. We are needing a transport trailer to help relocate the larger animals so if this can be either donated or acquired at a discount that would be not only ideal but greatly needed and appreciated. It gets really expensive using third party entities in relocating large animals to far away destinations as we have learned. But as of now this is our only option with the exception of renting equipment which over time can be pricy as well.

4)      Land. We are always looking at acquiring more land as well so that we ourselves (ALS) can facilitate animals on temporary basis until we can secure a permanent homing for the animal. This would greatly benefit us especially in those emergency situations in particular.


Get Active

  By implementing the things that we teach you here at ALS. We believe in leading by example and are happy to talk with you or even meet in person to discuss your journey of becoming vegan and embracing a plant based diet.

Next Steps

We feel as you do: that no animal deserves to live a life of pain and suffering, deprived of love and companionship of family, only to meet a terrifying and unnecessary death.